What is Black fungus| White & Yellow fungus| Be Alert!

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5 min readMay 26, 2021

As the covid 19 waves are peaking out some new fungal diseases are breaking out. The most prominent one is Black fungus or Mucormycosis.

In this blog we are going to know about:-

1) what is Black fungus

2) what are their symptoms

3) what is its treatment procedure

4) Are they contagious

5) what is White fungus

6) what is Yellow fungus and how they are related to black fungus

Coronavirus is not ended yet and we are hearing about a dangerous disease like black fungus in our news and when I am saying dangerous so mean they are really dangerous . as per survey if you get covid 19 them you your chance of survival is about 90% but if this black fungus will happen to you its death rate is about 50%

What is black fungus and how you can prevent it?

so first of all it is not a new disease it is just like an old fungal infection it belongs to the Mucorales family that is why it is also called Mucormycosis

this type of fungus is found everywhere on earth like in soil in our environment, also in your decaying food and vegetables. fungus are common

so it is also like a common fungus they are everywhere

These types of diseases do not happen easily but whenever a body lost its immunization power then fungus try to attack inside your body

meanwhile, if you are a normal healthy person you will not feel anything and your body immune system fight and kill this fungus easily but when your body immune is weak then this will cause the infection

but still, it is rare diseases this not happens usually in a clean environment

you should avoid heavy uses of medicine and steroids

usually, for a healthy person, it is next to impossible to happen these diseases

Who can be infected by this fungus?

A person who is immunocompromised means a person whose immune system is weak.

For example, A cancer patent who chemo is going on so his immune system got compromised so he got a chance to get infected

Another person would be a covid 19 recover patent the chances of this infection increases in a covid 19 recovered patient as his immune system got weaken so it becomes easy for a fungus to infect his body and also a diabatic person got a chance to enter in your body

How it can go inside our body?

oneway is by inhaling fungus small pores got a chance to go inside our lungs and causes infection inside our lungs

another way is by eating so it causes infection in the stomach

Another common way to get inside a human body is by wounds and bad scratches.

The area of the nose and sinus got a high chance of this infection as in most cases fungus goes inside our body through inhalation. Here the blood flow got restricted and make that area black that’s why it is called back fungus actually fungus color is not black the infection causes is of black color that’s why it is called Black fungus.

from here it can spread from eye and brain it may cause blindness and headache and seizures ‘

it may take 7 days or less to know about its infection

Symptoms of Black fungus depend on the place where the fungus is growing inside your body

For example, if it grows in the sinus it can causes teeth pain blur vision .headche fever. if it grows inside your lungs it can cause shortness of breath coughing chest pain. if it causes on your skin like on your wound it causes blackish color skin theirs. if it grows inside your stomach it is called gastrointestinal mucormycosis and causes abdominal pain nausea vomiting. but most common is nasal infections.

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Unfortunately, if it happens it is so dangerous its death rate is around 50% it means half of the person have chances to die due to this

but the good news is that it is a very rare disease it also rarely happen to immunocompromised patients and if you are a healthy and fit person so you do not have to worry about this anymore

How to treat these types of fungal infections?

now we will know what is the treatment of black fungus,

1)Mostly antifungal drugs provided to the patients

2)Another way is to remove the infected part in severe cases doctors have to remove that infected parts from the infected person, in some cases patient eye or complete jaw have to remove to stop the fungal spread

Diabetic patent and the person who is taking steroids should take care of themselves

What are the causes of black fungus growth?

Excessive steroids use in most cases weakens your body immune system and another most common cause is zinc supplements fungus grow in zinc favorable environment

Extreme inhalation is also a cause of the growth of black fungus because it causes warm and moisturize environment inside your body which are favorable for fungus to grow and excessive steam can damage and burns tp your nerve which can also cause black fungus

Now, what are white fungus and yellow fungs? what are they? where they come from?

are they any kind of new diseases? so the answer is ‘no’ they just name over their outcomes as white fungus makes your tongue white so they all are fungus and they all can happen to an immunocompromised person and there is no chance that it can happen to a fit and healthy person

they are not of different color they just got their name over their symptoms

Do black fungus is contagious? means can it spread from a person to person? so the answer is no they are not contagious as per the latest news [26 may 2021] unlike covid 19 they cant spread from person to person

But prevention is better than cure so try to prevent it as more as you can

Tips on prevention of black fungus

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